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Tree and Brush Mulching

Long before fire season the mountains are undergoing change. Winters have become warmer, meaning smaller snowpacks that melt sooner.

  • Runoff ends earlier and the forests and fields dry out earlier
  • Fire season starts earlier and lasts longer.
  • Firefighters urge residents to make their homes safer and more defensible.

A mechanical muncher is one tried and true method to reduce the risk of a fire crowning. By keeping the fire closer to the ground and out of the tree tops it is easier to fight and is usually less damaging.

  • Mulching reduces the the height of fire fuels which can serve as fire ladders that enable fire to elevate quickly to the tops of trees which is where it can spread
    most quickly (crowning).
  • Mulching leaves soil structures intact and mulched materials left on the ground act as a erosion barrier while returning nutrients back into the soil.
  • Mulching is a good fire mitigation process in environmentally sensitive areas around buildings or streams.

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