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Healthier Trees – The Ring Study

Thinning your stand of trees not only reduces the wildfire hazard, but allows the remaining trees to grow more quickly and healthier than if the stand remains overcrowded.

  • Look at the rings that are inside of 2 3/4 inches on the ruler. Notice that the rings are tightly compact; this growth took place prior to the stand being thinned.
  • The landowner then undertook a thinning program using the standards established by the Department of Natural Resources to reduce the number of trees in the stand. The remaining trees no longer had to struggle for moisture and nutrients.
  • See how quickly and dramatically the tree responded. The rings are at least double or triple the size of the rings just prior to thinning.

Let Firebreak Wildfire Prevention reduce your fire hazard and allow your forest to grow more health by thinning your stand.