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Why work with Firebreak Wildfire Prevention for your project?

We will create and implement a defensible space plan for your property.

  • Remove or thin fire fuels around your home and outbuildings
  • Create firebreaks around the perimeter of your land

Creating a defensible space around your home increases the odds of your home surviving a wildland fire. Thinning trees, removing brush, mowing grass and limbing trees reduces the intensity of the fire around your home.

Goals of a defensible space and fire mitigation plan:

  • Improve the safety of your family in the event of a wildfire
  • Give your home a chance to survive a forest fire on its own
  • Improve the health of your lot and surrounding forest
  • Increase the value of your property; look cleaner and have better views

In our fire mitigation plan there are three zones that will be created around each building on your property.


All vegetation within 15 feet of the building should be removed, as measured from the edge of the eaves or decks. This includes grasses, brush, shrubs, and trees – all of which become fuel in the event of a fire.

Depending on the slope of your property, Zone 2 extends out 75-125 feet from each building. Dead, dying, diseased and stressed trees will be removed. Trees will be thinned, leaving a minimum of 10 feet of space between crowns. Field grasses will be mowed.


This outer zone extends from the edge of Zone II to the property line. The goal for this zone is to protect and enhance the health of the forest. A healthy forest includes a variety of ages, species and size of trees, all of which should be spread far enough apart to allow room for healthy growth.